Our program is designed to provide Community Support Groups and Classes during the hours of 11:30am-8pm . 

This allows clients to pursue employment and other educational and/or vocational training, during the day yet allows clients to access support services during the evening hours which has proved to be a key time for clients as they begin their road to recovery and re-socialization.

We provide a highly disciplined, yet supportive program, which seeks to provide individuals with the tools necessary to become drug-free and live healthy lifestyles.

Our Mission

Positive Directions Equals Change 25 years of community service. Our mission is to inspire personal and social responsibility to the African American community through advocacy, education and results-oriented service.

About Us

Started in 1993, Positive Directions Equals Change began as a support network for African Americans in recovery, many of whom were exiting treatment facilities and wanted to establish an ongoing support system of friends and associates. Our network grew. We continued to support ourselves and also many others.

After years of experience working in the community with various treatment facilities, rehabilitation centers and jails, we expanded our services and now offer Community Support Groups and Classes.


Contact Us

Intake assessments are tailored to accommodate each individual’s treatment needs and include social service referrals.
Specialized counseling and groups for individuals recently released from the criminal justice system are also available.

1633 Newcomb Street
San Francisco, CA 94124

Office:  (415) 401-0199
(10 am – 5 pm)
Fax: (415) 401-0175